Black Bear

Black Bear

  • Average black bear Hide: 6-7 foot square
  • Black bear Colour: 50% black, 50% cinnamon

Black Bear – Camp-based Hunt

Spot and stalk black bears on the open alpine meadows during our expedition camp-based black bear hunts. Ride through the wilderness on horseback, following black bears as they move up the mountains.

  • Season: June 1-7, 9-15 , 17-23 , 24-30 or in the fall as an add-on tag to other species
  • Accommodation: Camp, Cabin
  • Hunt Style: Horse and Foot
  • Add-on Species: 2nd black bear, Grey wolf

Black Bear- Lodge-based Hunt

Spot and stalk black bears by vehicle and foot during our Traditional Lodge-based Black Bear Hunts. Spot these apex predators as they congregate in the valleys, feasting on the first green grass. In the fall, we have had great success spotting bears as they fatten up on berry patches, storing up for winter hibernation. This hunt gives you the rare opportunity to take home two black bear trophies, making this a 200% opportunity hunt.

  • Seasons: April 27-May 3 (1×1 only), May 6-12, 15-21, 24-30, June 1-7, 9-15, 17-23, 24-30, Sept 1-7, 10-16, 19-25, Sept 28-Oct 4
  • Accommodation: Hunting lodge
  • Hunt Style: Vehicle and Foot
  • Add-on Species: 2nd black bear, Grey wolf
  • Highlights: Black bears have long, thick winter hair during the May-June hunts.