Founded in 1990, BCTMO Conservation Club has put conservation at the forefront of every hunt, supported by extensive experience in planning and leading high quality custom hunt trips. Trip after trip has shown that our hunters have highly successful, rewarding experiences when we customize hunts to match their past experiences, species priorities, personal preferences, limitations, and their individual stage within the 6 stages of hunter, as well as prioritizing conservation. Rest assured that we know what makes for a quality wilderness hunt, and we refuse to compromise that quality on any level during the planning, implementation, and culmination of your hunt experience.



As the oldest outfitting territory in British Columbia, in use since 1880, our territory possesses a rich history and continuing legacy. This region is among the few places that has been providing consistent trophies for over 140 years. Our territory is renowned for its classic Bighorn sheep and mule deer, with thousands of alpine basins that we access on horseback. To honour the legacy of the region and ensure that we can provide high quality wilderness hunts for years to come, we manage our guide territory responsibly and with great diligence, making conservation a priority in all that we do. See our words in action.

Our Guides

At BCTMO Conservation Club, we understand that a solid working relationship between guides and hunters is paramount to an enjoyable and successful hunt experience. That’s why we invest a great deal in hiring and training world-class guides. Every one of our guides is a licensed professional with an impressive resume. What truly sets our guides apart, though, is their attitude. Our guides give 110% on every hunt because, to them, guiding is more than a job- it is their passion and calling. From their impressive arsenal of wildlife knowledge to their palpable enthusiasm when they go over the game plan for the day, their genuine passion for hunting is evident. Here are some more insights into what makes our guides world-class:

Every one of our guides has been thoroughly trained in the unique aspects of our licensed guide territory.
Newer guides work side-by-side with our more seasoned guides, which allows them to learn the territory, trails, camps, and, most importantly, the behaviour of our local wildlife.
Our guides possess the experience and know-how to hunt all species in this territory, making our unique multi-species combination hunts possible.
Our guides are true outdoorsmen in every way. Many of them are avid fishermen, trappers, and sought-after specialists in mountain goat and mule deer hunting.
All our guides are highly experienced in our stewardship work and are dedicated to conserving this internationally ecologically important ecosystem.
Some of our guides even have degrees in Wildlife and Forestry Management.

Knowledge of the Territory

Having charted and explored these mountains for over three decades, BCTMO Conservation Club knows every trail, every mountain pass and every secret route in the territory. Our guides possess unique insights, gained through experience, into the specific of the wildlife in these mountains. Even more importantly, they have a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of how the local wildlife interacts with this particular territory. This is not general knowledge that you can read in a book; it’s knowledge that was hard-won in the thick of the hunt. This first-hand, highly specialized knowledge is what makes the difference between a clear shot and a missed opportunity.

We know that extra effort pays big dividends

At BCTMO Conservation Club, we believe that the best hunts are not solely driven by the end goal; they are driven by a passion for hunting and a deep respect for the wilderness. Fair chase hunts honour the heritage of hunting and provide our hunters with a well-earned sense of accomplishment. While fair chase hunts are physically and mentally demanding, these hunts allow you to experience authentic wilderness in a way that other hunt styles cannot match. With decades of successful hunt trips under our belt, we have proved ourselves to be equal to the challenge. We put our extensive experience, exclusive access to the territory, and exceptional guides to work for you. Everyone at BCTMO is eager to invest extra effort to create a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness hunt for every sportsman who comes through our doors.



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