Bird hunts

We have 13 bird hunts to offer:

  • 5 species of Upland Birds (Blue Grouse, Spruce Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Arctic Ptarmigan, Rock Ptarmigan)
  • 8 species of Waterfowl (Canada Geese, Snow Geese, Ross’s Geese, Mallards, Pintails, Harlequin, Canvasback, Goldeneye Ducks)

The variety of species, diverse terrain and flexible hunting techniques make this a primary opportunity for avid hunters.


  • Our territory is one of the few locations that offers the Grouse Grand Slam
  • We offer wing shooting for upland birds and waterfowl
  • Our bird hunts are a popular add-on for our fall hunts
Waterfowl Hunting

Located on the edge of the Pacific Flyway, geese and ducks frequently favour our mountain sloughs and clear water marshes as they journey to their wintering grounds in the south. Whether you favour hunting from a blind or jump shooting small ponds, our territory accommodates many hunting styles.

  • Traditional Lodge-based Hunt
  • Season: September 1- November 30, 7 days, seasons vary
  • Accommodation: Camp, Lodge
  • Hunt Style: Horse, Vehicle, Foot
  • Add-on Species: Fishing
  • Highlights: You can bring your own dog on these hunting trips
Upland Birds

BCTMO Conservation Club is one of the few outfitters that can offer the Grouse Grand Slam. Regardless of what species you desire to hunt, though, you will have ample opportunities to employ your skills. With our variety of terrains and mountain elevations, upland birds provide a unique challenge for even seasoned wing shooters.

  • Season: September 1- November 30, 7 days, seasons vary
  • Accommodation: Camp, Lodge
  • Hunt Style: Horse, Vehicle, Foot
  • Add-on Species: Fishing
  • Bag Limit: 5 per day and 15 possessions

$200 from every hunt goes towards

conservation initiatives in the Chilcotin Ark




Hunting Stories


Gerry Bracewell: Local Legend in Conservation and Hunt Guiding

Gerry Bracewell is an iconic name in British Columbia’s history for her conservation and hunt guiding work. Growing up in rural Alberta, Gerry knew the laws of nature. But it wasn’t until she came to the Chilcotin region of British Columbia in her early twenties that she learned how to ...
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An Unexpected Hunt: Sheep, Goats and Mountain Climbing Horses

Larry is a 66 year old hunter from Texas. He has been hunting for years in the most adventurous places including Alaska, the Yukon, and Africa. Larry came hunting for California Bighorn sheep and mountain goat with BCTMO Conservation Club Larry is the perfect example of a 6th stage hunter, and ...
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Bow Hunt for a Mountain Goat

Frank is a 77 year-old hunter coming from Saskatchewan. He was director of the Saskatchewan Bow Hunters Association for more than 10 years. He first came on a bow hunt for mountain goat with BCTMO Conservation Club in 2012. Unfortunately, he could not harvest a goat that time. He therefore ...
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Down to my Last Round

Due to technical issues while sighting in the rifle I suddenly had only 6 rounds from 20 left. “That`s enough” said Todd our first class guide, dryly. Then, on the 4th hunting day, it became “serious”. Todd scouted a black bear which we had to stalk due to bad wind ...
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