Big Game Species

The hunt experience and our commitment to conservation are what our clients come for and it’s the reason why they keep coming back, year after year.

Throughout our 5,000 sq-km (2,000 sq-mile) territory in southwestern British Columbia, we hunt 10 big game species including: California Bighorn Sheep (a subspecies of Rocky Mountain Sheep); Canadian and Rocky Mountain Goat; black, color phase, and cinnamon black bear; Canadian moose (not Shiras moose or Yukon moose); cougar (mountain lion or puma); mule deer; Lynx; bobcat; timber wolf; and coyote.

Archery hunts

Bow hunting is a thrilling hunt style that engages all of your senses. Employ great stealth and rely on the expertise of your guide to get in close to your prey for the ultimate shot. Enjoy the payoff of all the time and energy you have invested in honing your archery skills, as you release your arrow for the ultimate shot. Bow hunting will bring you closer to nature than ever before and allow you to experience something that few people have the skill and precision to accomplish.

Accommodation: Camp, Lodge

Hunt Style: Horse, Vehicle, Foot

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