International Outreach


Education is something that we take seriously at BCTMO Conservation Club. We believe that it is both a responsibility and immense privilege to share our knowledge of the wilderness and effective conservation principles. From map orientations and stewardship presentations, we take advantage of every opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with guests, staff, government administrators and the general public.



Hunting Trips


Gerry Bracewell: Local Legend in Conservation and Hunt Guiding

Gerry Bracewell is an iconic name in British Columbia’s history for her conservation and hunt guiding work. Growing up in rural Alberta, Gerry knew the laws of nature. But it wasn’t until she came to the Chilcotin region of British Columbia in her early twenties that she learned how to ...
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An Unexpected Hunt: Sheep, Goats and Mountain Climbing Horses

Larry is a 66 year old hunter from Texas. He has been hunting for years in the most adventurous places including Alaska, the Yukon, and Africa. Larry came hunting for California Bighorn sheep and mountain goat with BCTMO Conservation Club Larry is the perfect example of a 6th stage hunter, and ...
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Bow Hunt for a Mountain Goat

Frank is a 77 year-old hunter coming from Saskatchewan. He was director of the Saskatchewan Bow Hunters Association for more than 10 years. He first came on a bow hunt for mountain goat with BCTMO Conservation Club in 2012. Unfortunately, he could not harvest a goat that time. He therefore ...
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Wild Harvest Initiative

Wild Harvest Initiative (WHI)

Though hunting used to be a normal practice only a few centuries ago, today hunting has turned into a quite controversial subject, throwing one big question into the space – What would happen if all hunting and angling would subside in the future? What exactly would be the consequences? Conservation ...
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