Wild Harvest

We educate all our clients about the benefits of eating wild meat and why we choose to do so. Eating is more than just putting food in your stomach. What you eat matters, both for your body and the impact is has on the environment.

As food becomes more readily available, the choice of this food increases. And as the demand increases, the mass production of farmed animals and plants becomes more efficient. But more efficient doesn't mean better. These foods are pumped with hormones and steroids, genetically modified or sprayed with toxic and poisonous chemicals. This and the land taken for farming has a huge environmental impact. Some of this can be avoided through eating organic. But the only way to achieve truly real food is to eat wild-harvested meat and plants. This food is natural, the way it has been for thousands of years. This food has a much smaller environmental impact than mass produced food.

Every one of our hunts has an impact on conservation. This means the meat from animals harvested on our hunts has the double benefit of not contributing to the mass-production of meat and on-the-ground conservation efforts such as population monitoring and species counts.

The Chilcotin Ark is a biodiversity hotspot and of international ecological important. That means there is a much larger range of plant and animal species here than many other guide territories increasing the availability of wild harvest foods.

The Wild Harvest Initiative was created in 2015 by Conservation Visions Inc, a global wildlife initiative, to determine the impact of hunting in North America on the economy and human well-being. Find out more in our blog story.