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Wife Brings Synergy to Husband’s Hunt

Wife Brings Synergy to Husband’s Hunt

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Four times, Knud of Denmark has hunted with us in southern British Columbia because our guide outfitting operation is wife-friendly!

Knud dreamt of hunting black beer and Canadian moose in North America since he was a boy sitting on his father’s knee listening to tales of Alaska. At 67, Knud has lived his dream four times and expects to mark his 70th birthday with us in 2011 with a fifth hunting adventure for moose.

If you ask Knud why he’s come back four times to hunt moose and bear he’ll tell you it’s because we have one of the best locations and the most species of Canadian big game, where Knud can be selective and save his shot for the best specimen.

Knud prefers to share his nature experiences with his wife because we’re not a typical shack in the woods, but one where wives and family are encouraged to take part in the hunt as an observer or in the lodge’s other activities. According to Knud, it’s important for their relationship to maintain the synergy that they have together. They both feel alive in nature.