6 Stages of a Outfitter

There are 6 stages of a hunter, depending on hunters' vision, experiences and values. Those hunters are interested in going hunting with the right outfitters. When they do so, their experience matches their expectation, and hunter and outfitter enjoy the hunt.

There are different types of outfitters depending on their personality, vision, values and stage of life. They shape their business according to their vision as a hunter. Every outfitter shares their vision through the hunts they offer and they try to target the right audience to make the most of it. Outfitters can evolve or stick to one category for their whole business life. They can specialize in one or two specific categories and match the hunters of the same stages.

The following are the 6 types of outfitters that match their audience, based on the 6 stages of a hunter:


Type 1: The shot focused

The outfitter is here to offer the most shooting opportunities to their hunters no matter the animals. This type of outfitter might appeal to new hunters that are looking for opportunities and experience.

The outfitter feels successful when their hunters have many shooting opportunities.

Type 2: The risk taker

The outfitter offers risky opportunities to their guests in the excitement of the hunt to increase the chance of their guests harvesting an animal.

Outfitters measure success by harvesting animals.

Type 3: The trophy outfitter

The outfitter knows what animal their hunters are looking for. They know where to find the animals and guide their guests to the trophies they are looking for.

These outfitters succeed when their hunters harvest trophies, it is the core of their concern.

Type 4: The challenging outfitter

The outfitter promotes challenging hunting to harvest animals. By knowing their hunters' limits, they don't make the hunts easy.

Success is measured by harvesting an animal and offering a challenging experience to the hunter.

Type 5: The experience maker

The outfitter promotes a wilderness experience and nature connection. They have a deep knowledge of the animals they hunt. They are conservation and stewardship oriented. Long-term oriented, they know how to make responsible choices and to hunt the right animals.

These outfitters find success in offering a great experience to their hunters and by offering them opportunities to hunt the right animals.

Type 6: The sharing outfitter

The outfitter offers a challenging and immersive wilderness and hunt experience to their guests. Sharing their knowledge, educating each other, and talking about conservation, conversations are a big part of the experience. The outfitting territory is managed from a long-term perspective and its preservation prevails over business. The outfitter conducts conservation projects to learn more and understand the wildlife populations of their territory. The outfitter invites the hunter to benefit from the environment while working on their territory’s conservation.

The sharing outfitters can welcome hunters from each of the 6 stages by offering different hunt experiences that match each stage. They will however promote their vision of hunting by sharing and educating their guests.

Success is achieved when both the hunter and outfitter have a positive learning experience. By sharing deep values based on conservation and offering a challenging wilderness experience, they learn from each other.