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Down to my Last Round

Down to my Last Round

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Due to technical issues while sighting in the rifle I suddenly had only 6 rounds from 20 left. “That`s enough” said Todd our first class guide, dryly. Then, on the 4th hunting day, it became “serious”. Todd scouted a black bear which we had to stalk due to bad wind via the counter slope. It worked out good and I came close by to about 115 m. Unfortunately, at about 20 m, there was a bush in the way. My weaker self convinced myself of making a quick shot and after a short moment of shock, the clearly missed Bear was “over the hills and far away”. Annoyed at myself I did a control shot at a tree stump. It was not my rifle`s fault and I had 4 rounds left. It was time to “draw the joker”, my wife Carmen.

From now on, she was with us and together we saw Canadian moose, timber wolf and of course black bears that lifted our spirits. And then suddenly, there it was, our last hunting day! It was already 7pm when Todd scouted a cinnamon coloured black bear in the area of the “first bear”. Quickly out of the truck, another 50 m ahead laying down on the hill, rifle on the tripod, aiming at the bear and s h o t !!! I see the bear turning a somersault and rolling down the hill. Good job, that`s done! But what`s that? The bear is getting up and tries to escape over the ridge. Quickly quickly, another shot and ”boom”. But, no reaction! Repeat, aiming and shot! Result: Invisible!! But now, a quick prayer, my 4th and very last round! Repeat, again full of concentration, aiming and shot – ”boom”!!! But now, I can hardly believe my eyes, the bear is in fact rolling backwards and falling down the hill, stopping close to us. We are all happy and congratulate each other with loud cries of victory!!!

There is only one bottom line of this spectacular hunt: I hope, we will be granted to hunt here another day and then I will bring more rounds, than I need. Promise!

Franz-Josef and Carmen from Germany, May 2012