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Lifetime Adventure: Junior black bear hunting

Lifetime Adventure: Junior black bear hunting

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My dream was to give my son Alexander a wildlife experience that would last forever.

Our guide Randy, was from the early morning ready to guide us at our hunting trip. We saw not less than 27 black bears, 3 grizzly bears, white-tail, mule deer, Canadian moose and mountain goat. Our guide Randy had an amazing patience with me and my son and gave us several good opportunities for black bear. When we were too slow or too noisy, he just gave us another chance.

Hunting is much more than just the tiny part of a second where you actually pull the trigger. Randy gave us a lot of useful knowledge about the wildlife and eco system in the area, and we had long fruitful discussions while being on the hunt. My first impression was that we had been extremely lucky with our guide, but actually when we sat at the dinner table and talked with other guests and guides, it turned out that the standard for guides at the ranch just were extremely high. Our main goal was to get my son Alexander a black bear. Alexander did a one shot kill on a beautiful pure black black bear with Randy`s private rifle. See an eleven year old boy with his first big game, no father could have been more proud than I. In the headline I stated “Lifetime adventure”, but we have started the thoughts, that by going back next year, it could be a series of lifetime experiences.

11 year old Alexander and Bo from Denmark, June 2012